Anne Marie Radel

Anne Marie Radel has crossed countries, continents and cultures to create music inspired by her rich heritage, featuring an exhilarating mix of dance, pop, flamenco, country and salsa.   From her mother's side she inherited Basque blood - reflected in her fierce independence and creative flair.   From her father, who was Peruvian Indian, she learned pride, relentlessness and endurance.

Born north of the border in oil-rich Midland Texas, she absorbed equal parts Dolly Parton, Porter Waggoner, and Aretha Franklin. From her parents' record collection she heard cumbias and the Peruvian dance music, huaynitos.  At ten, she moved to her father's homeland where she lived the rhythms of Latin life.  After three years she returned to the States, to Houston, where she studied drama at the High School For Performing Visual Arts.

Many of her songs have been featured in daytime soap operas, feature films and TV movies. Plus, she has co-written songs with Emmy Award-winning hit composer/producer Dominic Messenger.  Her work on the daytime soap opera "General Hospital" garnered recognition for nomination of an Emmy Award.  She has also co-written songs and recorded as a vocal performer with collaborator/Emmy Award-winning hit writer Gloria Sklerov.  She has been a featured vocal artist on Dick Clark's "Daytime Emmy Awards" show and the "Free The Slaves Freedom Awards" show. Her latin flair and bilingual skills as a songwriter and a vocal artist have been featured on various shows for Telemundo. She performs under the name "Brigida", in honor of her Basque grandmother!

Anne Marie is currently based in Los Angeles.